Drivers Ed Classes Roseville, CA

Here at Hotlen Driving School, we have educated over 60,000 students all over the area of Roseville since 1989. Compared with some other driving schools in Roseville, we're also the only school in Placer County that provides brake and gas pedal on the passenger side.

Apart from teaching the appropriate methods of driving, our Roseville students understand the rules of the road and learn defensive techniques. Our driving school has a distinctive technique helps each and every student to understand the different driving situations they can encounter on the highway.

Our technique includes 3-4 driving sessions that are structured, well designed and extremely thorough. See "teen driving" for explanation of lessons.

For the past 20 years, we have operated our driving school on High Street. We are just on block away from Placer High School. We provide ample parking in the back of the building for allparents.

Our friendly office staff has been a huge factor in assisting us build our driving school since we've opened up. If you want a female or male instructor, we can do that too.

Sofia Hotlen, owner of Hotlen Driving School has long been dedicated to teaching. Ms. Hotlen retains a BA from SJSU and a MS in Human Resources Compensation Management from Sacramento State University.

Another significant point is the fact that we truly care for our Roseville students and are enthusiastic about teaching every single student that walks into our driving school. The vast majority of our students (60,000.00 +) have passed the written and driving test at the DMV.

We teach Roseville each student on an individual basis. Following each lesson, we discuss with parents what their youngster needs to practice so that they can have the self esteem to carry on with the class.

We also have a "pay as you go" plan to provide parents that can't find a way to place down a one one time payment. Courses are spread out in a six month period on a monthly basis until they are ready to take the driving test.

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Drivers Ed Classes Overview

• Local Roseville Driving Instructors
• Over 26 years of experience
• Driver Education
• Refresher classes for teenagers, adults and seniors
• Licensed by DMV - License No. 3889
• Days / Evenings / Weekends
• Online Courses
• Testing at DMV with our School Car.

About Drivers Ed Classes

Driver education is a four (4:Four) day class that is offered on both weekends and weekdays from 9:00am to 4pm. This class is 28 hours and meets DMV requirements. Our classroom instruction lecture, text book study, video, and written tests. Our training course is made to produce a educated and defensive minded driver. Upon completion of this course, the student will be ready to take the DMV written test for a drivers permit.

Roseville Drivers Ed Classes Training

Driver training course is a "behind the wheel" instruction for persons with a permit to drive, irrespective of age. Our course of instruction is a very complete and extensive set of driving tasks which make the learning process both enjoyable and challenging. First time Roseville students under 18 years of age will require three two-hour sessions over a minimum of six months.

(4) 1 1/2 hour sessions are optional

1st - Hand over hand, moving forward, stopping, straight backup, right and left turns, right of way, turnabouts and U-turns, light traffic;

2nd & 3rd - parallel parking, lane change, defensive driving, adverse conditions, heavy traffic, freeway driving, practice test similar to DMV test

New students need one lesson with a certified instructor before they are allowed to use their permit. Our Roseville instructor will sign off on their permit after the first behind the wheel session, allowing them to begin practice at home with a licensed driver 25 years of age and older.


• You require a Certificate of completion from Driver Education (pink or blue)
• Original birth certificate or copy of your passport
• Social Security number
• You must be 15 l/2 or older
• $33.00 DMV test fee. No credit cards.
• Pass the DMV test within 3 attempts.

What Does The Drivers Ed Online Course Involve?

It is a program that may be taken at the ease of your home within Roseville. The program is 10 lessons long. Right after each lesson you will need to take a test and pass up to 80%. The program is also 30 hours in total. After the finishing of all the chapters, you receive a certificate of completion. This certificate takes at least 3 days to be mailed to you in Roseville. Or, you can pick it up at the office as soon as you finish the program.


Yes, we offer the classroom education in the class during week days and weekends in the summer. Please call us for classroom dates.


Right after finishing the drivers training-behind-the-wheel, you can call the 800 number or a scheduled appointment on the dmv site. Meetings are generally taken 2 weeks ahead of time, so make an appointment early.