frequently asked questions

  • You need a Certificate of completion from Driver Education (pink or blue)
  • Original birth certificate (or certified copy/passport)
  • Social Security number
  • You must be 15 l/2 or older
  • $33.00 DMV test fee. No credit cards.
  • Pass the DMV test within 3 attempts.

It is a program thata can be taken at the comfort of your home. the program is 10 lesson long. After each lesson you must take a test and pass it 80%. The program is a 30 hours program, you can’t do it in less than 30 hours. After completion of all the chapters you get a certificate of completion. this certificate takes at least 3 days to be mailed to you. Or, you can pick it up at the office if you call us as soon as you finish the program.

Yes, We offer the classroom education in the class or week ends and during the week in the summer. Please call us for classroom dates.

After finishing the drivers training-behind-the-wheel. You either call the 800 number or make an apptment on the dmv web site. Appointments are usually taken two weeks in advance, so make an appointment early.

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