Why Choose Us


Sofia Hotlen Driving School has been in business for over 35+ years, or since 1989. Unlike other driving schools, we are the only school in Placer County that carries a brake and gas pedal on the passenger side. The Department of Motor Vehicle requires that driving schools install only a brake.

For extra protection we also install an accelerator (please read last school article dated September 23, 2014). In my 35+ years of driving I have never had a student collide with another vehicle. I owe that to my experience and the extra gas pedal that have saved students lives. We have taught over 60,000 students since 1989.


Besides teaching the proper techniques of driving, our students learn the rules of the road and learn defensive techniques. Sofia Hotlen Driving School has a unique method that helps the student better understand the different driving situations he/she might encounter.

Our method consists of 3 to 4 driving lessons that are pretty much structured, well designed and thorough. See” teen driving” for explanation of lessons.

We have also been located on High street for the past 20 years, and we are only one block away from Placer High School. The building has parking in the back for the parents.

The people in the office have been the same for the past 20 years. We also have male and female instructors.

The owner operator, Sofia Hotlen has always been a teacher and she holds a BA from SJSU and a MS in Human Resources Compensation Management from Sacramento State University. The office staff is friendly and has been at Hotlen’s for many years.

Another important point is that we care for our students and we like to teach and make sure we do a good thorough job. Most of our students (60,000.00 +) have passed the written and driving test at the DMV.

We take one student at a time, no “piggy back”, and discuss with parents at the end of the lesson what they need to practice for their next lesson.

We also have a pay as you go method which is more convenient for parents, and they can make the payments are their convenience. Classes are spread out in a six month period every month or two until they are ready to take the driving test.

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