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For over 20 years, we have taught more than 60,000 students throughout the area of Loomis, CA | Rocklin, CA | Roseville, CA | Auburn, CA | Grass Valley, CA


Drivers Training

Drivers training is a “behind the wheel” instruction for persons who have a permit to drive, regardless of age. Our course of instruction is a very complete and thorough set of driving tasks which make the learning process both fun and challenging. First time students under 18 years of age will require three two-hour sessions over a minimum of six months.



Driver Education Online

Complete DE online at the convenience of your home. The online course is 30hrs (log-in time) and once the student has finished you will receive the certificate in the mail. 

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Adults and Seniors

Adults and Seniors can be driven either two hours (2.0) or one and a half hours (1.5). They can take either a package of six (6) hours, or twelve (12) hours or even twenty (20) hours if needed. We also take them to the DMV in our car.

Traffic School

For those who need to take a course online by court order. Once finished the certificate will be issued to the courthouse as proof of completion.
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